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Red flags: Victims’ families reveal the first signs something wasn’t right

Bianca Unwin noticed something odd about her sister Katie’s new boyfriend almost immediately — but no one knew it
would end in tragedy.

When 24-year-old Katie Haley met Shane Robertson, she seemed the happiest she had been in a long time.

Her sister, Bianca Unwin, didn’t think he was her usual type, but she was happy and that’s what mattered, so Robertson was welcomed into their family with open arms.

Over time, he became increasingly jealous, possessive even, but nothing rang any alarm bells for Ms Haley or her family.

“At the time it just seemed like regular relationship problems in this day and age of social media,” says Ms Unwin.

“Katie was required to call him as she walked into work and the moment she finished. Shane would also come into our work and observe her behaviour with male colleagues. He tried to claim she was cheating.”

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