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The way parents handle their separation, determines the outcome for children

Parents arguing behind child

The way parents handle their marriage breakdown and separation, rather than separation itself, is the primary contributor to how children are affected by the experience.

Which is why therapists are advised to educate parents, as well as children, if they’re experiencing difficulty coping with their parents’ divorce. 

“Some Psychologists work with children as I do, and then educate parents as they go, as children bring up issues,” says psychologist Nicole Pierotti.

“Separation causes a change in a child life that cannot be resolved.

“What’s then important is how parents navigate these changes to their child’s life, and help them with the new stress, without adding additional ones. 

“The most damaging situation for a child to be in after separation is to have two parents who cannot communicate, or make decisions in the best interest of their child and feel that their rights are more important than their child’s. 

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