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Woman doused in petrol, stabbed by Tinder date calls for DV education

Angela Jay, who was soaked in petrol and set alight by her ex who she met on Tinder, says “romance” and “passion” can be a sign of something sinister.

Domestic violence survivor Doctor Angela Jay, whose ex-partner doused her in petrol, before stabbing her 11 times, says drastic measures need to be taken to educate people on what constitutes abuse.

The vicious attack on Dr Jay, then 28, came several weeks after she broke off the relationship with her perpetrator, Paul Lambert, 36, whom she met via dating site, Tinder.

“At the time I was looking for just a partner, someone ready for a long-term relationship and someone to really spend my life with,” says Dr Jay.

“When I met him, he seemed very intelligent and was very charming, we were able to hold real conversations with each other, and I think that’s what really attracted (me) to him first of all.”

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