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Dad used son’s pictures to catfish 15-year-old girl

Susannah Birch was 15 when she met “Richard”, who said he was a 17-year-old boy from Queensland — but his true
identity will shock you.

Susannah Birch was just 15 years old when she first met “Richard” online.
For 12 years the pair maintained an online relationship that varied in degrees of intimacy — at one point even getting engaged despite never meeting in person.

It was more than a decade before Ms Birch discovered the man she thought she knew was, in fact, a grandfather in his 60s. “He said he was from Mackay and was 17 years old,” she tells
“Within a few weeks, we were in an online relationship. Within six months we were talking by phone.

“At one point, when my father was out of town, we talked by phone for 18 hours of 24. The relationship involved sexually explicit things.”